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Vacation rental apartments in Barcelona & Paris

RENT AN APARTMENT IN BARCELONA OR PARIS WITH EASE AND CONFIDENCE. We offer comfortable, affordable short-term rental apartments ideal for vacation, business and academic travel, such as this spacious family flat in the vibrant and central El Born district, convenient to some of Barcelona's most popular sights, shops and eating places.

As in Barcelona, we propose Paris rental apartments to fit your needs and style at fair prices, such as this cozy one bedroom on the charming and romantic l'Ile Saint-Louis in the Seine. Click the View Apartments tab above to see more examples of what we can offer, from basic studios to spacious retreats, then share your preferences so we can make the most appropriate suggestions.

NOT JUST A PLACE TO STAY, A NEIGHBORHOOD TO STAY IN. Nice apartments can be in less-than-desirable places, and that could spoil your experience. We stay in various parts of Barcelona and Paris and do other research to assure you'll be in a comfortable area with the amenities you desire. Tell us if you need to be in a particular location - near a conference site, for example - and we'll put you there, or in a spot with convenient public transit connections.

RENT WITH SECURITY AND PEACE OF MIND. We've been working with Barcelona and Paris rental owners and managers since 2009, staying in some apartments and visiting others, so we can assess the quality, condition, service and location. Advance payments are collected securely via PayPal, where you can use a credit card, and we are always available by phone or email to answer questions, offer suggestions and address concerns. Read these comments to see what past clients have to say about our service and the apartments we offer.

INQUIRE WITH NO OBLIGATION. Complete a Trip Plan that will help us make recommendations to match your needs and interests. Or just send an email with the basics of your visit to We'll respond quickly with apartment availability and pricing. Our reply will include a phone number, so you can call if you like. Read our FAQ page for more about our services. If you decide to book with us, you'll get our “tips and links” to help plan your stay and anytime access to address questions and request assistance.

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